Davis Gestiehr – ‘I’m Always Lying… Make Me Famous!’ EP

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Davis Gestiehr shows a melodic rock appeal across his new EP, I’m Always Lying… Make Me Famous!. The four tracks provide a consistently hooky immediacy, alongside compelling lyricism that ranges from aspirations of fame on “CCTV” to an admirably unique love interest in “Courtney Love.”

Opening the EP, “CCTV” immerses with a debonair vocal charm and clanging bass bounces. Exhilarating, sporadic guitars complement the replay-inducing hook — “he wants to be on CCTV,” — and excels with further infection into the playful vocal sequence. Pursuits of fame, especially in the midst of post-school confoundment, dazzle lyrically alongside a punchy guitar-forward appeal on this memorable opener.

A fuzzier, patiently unfolding guitar lead takes hold on the subsequent “Marlon Brando (I Hate Yr Guts),” continuing a sort of Brit-pop and alt-rock synergistic feeling, with early Arctic Monkeys a reference point in particular. “Don’t wanna talk about it,” the snarling verses exude, traversing enjoyably into the “I hate your guts,” declaration; once again, the artist impresses with an irresistible central hook, sitting comfortably between suavely effective verses.

“Courtney Love” is another standout, bursting with an amiable rock charisma as lyrics tell of being particularly smitten with “someone mom would probably hate.” After all, “she acts like Courtney Love but more insane,” — and these biting, engaging lyrics mesh grippingly with a melodic, crisp rock arsenal with shades of Rooney.

As the concluding “Follow You Down” hits — with a nostalgic warmness akin to “1979” — it becomes quickly apparent that I’m Always Lying… Make Me Famous! doesn’t strut a weak moment across its four tracks. Davis Gestiehr’s songwriting and compelling tonal range consumes throughout.

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