Dotts O’Connor – “Brushing off the rust”


Showing a compelling folk sound with brassy warmness, “Brushing off the rust” is a memorable new single from Irish singer/songwriter Dotts O’Connor. Delicate piano lines and trickling acoustics complement the soothing brass and stirring vocal presence, which relays themes of starting anew and daring to venture beyond the norm. Specifically, the track portrays two people leaving behind a life of tumult, as the protagonist leaves “‘it all behind, the longest drive in the dead of night.”

“Two of us standing in the rain,” O’Connor’s calming vocals linger into a beautiful assortment of piano and balmy brass; the two characters, and their ensuing journey, makes for a riveting and approachable theme. “Dream all you can, they are yours alone,” the vocals pour out during the chorus, magnetic in their drive to value the present day and seize life for all it has to offer. “Brushing off the rust” is a resonating success from O’Connor, who explains:

“I wanted to capture the unfeathered joy of the couple as they emerge from hardship and put all sorrow in the rearview mirror so I ensured that we didn’t do too many takes of the song and tried to keep the recording process fresh and immediate without giving too many directions to the musicians.”

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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