Hyper Lion – “Robots Stole My Job”


“I’m just unemployed because robots stole my job,” the melodic vocals lament on “Robots Stole My Job,” a compelling convergence of anthemic rock and synth-pop from Hyper Lion. The quainter verses exude an electro-minded minimalism as an effect-laden vocal pitchiness commiserate the robotic dominance, gearing with seamless vigor into crunchy guitar distortion and a chirp-y lead alongside a deeper title-touting hook.

The infectious vocal refrain and slabs of distorted guitars fully enamor in the chorus, and an especially magnetic sequence arises in the effervescent synth-pop shift past the mid-point. “Don’t let the beat drop,” the vocals warn amidst twinkling synth lushness, invigorating into the more rock-ready sequences thereafter. “Robots Stole My Job” is an infectious, thematically poignant success of a single from Hyper Lion. “I wanted to write an anthem for people like me who have lost their jobs to automation, while maintaining strength and hope,” the artist explains.

The artist — also known as 1/2 of Pariis Opera House — is originally from London and now based in Los Angeles. They elaborate more on the track’s inspiration:

“I had recently been removed from my job after they decided to replace me with automated software. As I was creating the track I was stewing on this, thinking about the conflicting emotions I was experiencing; automation is cool, but a lot of people are going to end up ousted from their areas of expertise. Entire industries will be dehumanised. I was frustrated, annoyed, upset, baffled, resigned…a lot of things. Ultimately though, I’m not going to let it ruin my life, and I wanted to portray that defiance in the track.”

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We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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