Jeremy Aaron – “Under My Skin”

Credit: Kelli Anderson

Brooklyn-based artist Jeremy Aaron stirs on new track “Under My Skin,” which captures how a hectic world can prompt melancholy and anxieties — and a desire for serenity. The songwriting excels in its visceral, relatable qualities, intertwining folk ardency and synth-touched flourishes with memorable effect.

“I wrote this song at the height of the pandemic when everyone was worried about everything, but I think it’s a universal feeling,” the artist explains. “I hope the song can help people come to terms with that, almost in a Buddhist way. That’s what I mean with the lyric “I close my eyes and listen.” Even though it can’t fix the world, listening has helped me through a lot.”

“I feel blue,” a dreamy vocal immersion begins, furthering with sincere depictions of anxieties and a constant sense of worrying. “I feel blue, under my skin,” they marvel at a world spinning with tumult, escalating with a soulful quality amidst the bass-y pulses. Strings enter with chilling effect as themes of perseverance show. “When I open my eyes,” they begin alongside twinkling keys and string-laden intrigue, lamenting that “it makes me want to cry,” when sights of blue skies cannot quell the melancholy. “Under My Skin” is a heartfelt, sincere meshing of folk and pop from Jeremy Aaron.

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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