Oh Well (ft. Wilhelm Duke) – ‘The Mobius Tape’ EP

A stimulating, spacey hip-hop collaboration from Chicago-based artists Oh Well and Wilhelm Duke, The Mobius Tape EP incorporates dynamic electronic-minded beats with a captivating hip-hop flow, driven by the fleeting and precise delivery of local rapper Wilhlem Duke. Oh Well’s experience in the trap and EDM realms make for a creative complement, bolstering the infectious vocal drives with a consistent sense of melodic intrigue through the colorful, evolving beats.

“Indiscretion By Design” wastes no time in showcasing the project’s aesthetical grip. A bass-y intrigue traverses into a catching array of verses, initially lamenting an end-of-day weariness though also conveying a sense of never-sleeping artistic fury. The one-minute turn showcases that contagious EDM element, melding trickling keys within catchy rhythms. The Office theme song makes a brief appearance, in seamless form, into another “at the end of the day we broken,” sequence. The EP commences in strong form with “indiscretion By Design.”

“I got a different vibe,” the vocals proclaim on the momentum-filled “Universal Basic Income.” In a society driven by monetization and bite-sized nuggets of regurgitated content, the track celebrates ingenuity and holding onto one’s sense of self. “I’ll be up late, working on the tapes,” is conveyed amidst tumult, using art as a launching pad for greatness. The distorted, stutter-y vocal impact in the second half is a riveting piece of production, again showcasing an infectious EDM cohesion.

“Find Your Own Answer” furthers that sense of disillusionment, lamenting “this is not utopia,” into a punchy rhythmic propulsion fondly reminiscent of Das Racist. Exotic-sounding orchestration aids the evolving vocal drive, enamoring especially during the “big brother,” hook; it’s a riveting finale to an EP that makes a strong impression across its three tracks.

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