Olin Janusz – ‘Please Leave Quietly’

London-based artist Olin Janusz crafts a beautifully melancholic sound throughout the album Please Leave Quietly, infusing somber vocal layers with gorgeous string arrangements, orchestral flourishes, and a poetic lyrical grasp.

Twangy guitars and heartrending strings assemble amidst forlorn vocals on the opening “No One Here Will Harm You,” a gripping display of Janusz’ knack for melancholic, gripping explorations. “The Throat” follows with similarly climactic appeal, culminating in a mid-point with a cinematic arsenal of weeping strings and melancholic vocal outpouring — remarking “we’ll never die,” despite a grizzled weariness with eerie engrossment.

Another highlight, “Quarter Light” renders a stirring Nick Cave-esque aesthetic. Brassy emergences follow compelling vocal introspection, exploring the plight of addiction and a yearning for emotional comfort. Also impressing, “Please Leave Quietly” is befitting as the album’s title track, exuding a dynamic tonal range from delicate dual-vocal immersion to an enthused soaring that follows. Please Leave Quietly is a captivating, morosely beautiful album from Olin Janusz.

“No One Here Will Harm You” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Singles’ Spotify playlist.

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