Rare Kreature – “Serrated Luvvv”


Phoenix-based band Rare Kreature craft a moody post-punk immersion on new single “Serrated Luvvv.” Along with previously featured single “Nowhere Seen,” “Serrated Luvvv” appears on their new EP, Sleeping Secrets, now out on Bandcamp and everywhere on May 5th.

“Serrated love, what have you done?” the opening vocals question amidst thumping bass and clanging guitars. The delectably murky post-punk appeal is quickly evident in the brooding vocal presence and jangling guitars, and furthered by the haunting “every last one,” refrain thereafter. “Serrated Luvvv” is another stellar showcase in atmosphere and songwriting from Rare Kreature.

Rare Kreature describe the track as “about dysfunctional patterns, unfounded expectations and a lack of access to sincere self-reflection.”

Stream the rest of the EP:

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