The Curse of K.K. Hammond – “She Is My Precious”


Obsession in the digital age is tackled with a playful yet poignant impact on new single “She Is My Precious,” the latest from slide blues guitarist and singer/songwriter The Curse of K.K. Hammond. The Buckinghamshire, UK-based artist continues to showcase a swampy blues-rock sound that meshes with a more approachable hookiness. “She Is My Precious” in particular takes influences from “the Dirty or ‘Bawdy’ blues sub-genre,” and is described as “a personal anthem against unsolicited digital advances.”

Twangy guitars and a chugging bass line traverses into vocals that focus on “that little drop of honey that you follow,” — addressing the role of sex, seduction, and influencers in the digital space. “You send her your hard-earned dollars, then you unzip your fly,” the vocals let out into a bluesy backing vocal. The accompanying music video chronicles this incident, and how “it’s not a pretty sight,” — visuals included. “She Is My Precious” is a consuming, timely output from The Curse of K.K. Hammond.

Check out the track’s music video, which chronicles the sad state of Billy Simpleton and “Lucy”:

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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