The Lost Letters – ‘The Lost Letters’

A blissfully atmospheric range of rock and folk are showcased on the eponymous album from The Lost Letters, a Taiwan-based project comprising musician/scholar Ben J Heal and Taiwanese folk singer Fulya. Released on their own Coju Recordings label (with a cassette release via Cruel Nature Recordings), the album grips with its blend of folktronica, dream-pop, and alternative.

The opening “South Sea” builds with an atmospheric rock precision. Jangling guitars provide a warming introduction, accompanied by a pit-pattering percussive element as the guitar tones assume a ghostlier element, and remind of The Go-Betweens in such. “Cecille” follows, embracing a murkier, bass-fronted intrigue that introduces Fulya’s serenely impactful vocal presence; the clanging, hypnotic immersion combines with the vocal tone for a sound fondly reminiscent of Slowdive.

Another highlight, “Root Route” casts a folk-friendly spell in its flickering acoustics and subdued, contemplative feel. Elsewhere, “Crystal Skies” a spacious, ambient-forward folk appeal; the project excels in both its textured rock and sleepier folk approaches throughout The Lost Letters, a riveting success from the Taiwan-based duo.

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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