veryhandsomebilly – ‘I Know Girls’ EP

A funky pop radiance shows throughout the I Know Girls EP, a catchy output from one-person band veryhandsomebilly. The musician and popular Twitch streamer excels with a catching pop/rock sound on the EP, bolstered by various music videos/shorts. Relatable thematic pursuits range from romantic yearning to examinations of online stalker relationships and the struggles of student debt.

“Tell me ’bout your new tattoo,” the vocals urge on the opening “Flip Phone,” immersing with its crunchy guitars and rising vocal momentum; there’s a fun dose of throwback alt-pop nostalgia in both the peppy brass-laden rise and flip phone references. The track’s music video is a studio-set jaunt, humorously featuring a solo presence amidst the contagious, charismatic pleas to tell-all and join up.

“E-Girl” follows with a funkier disposition, strutting a grooving bass line and click-clacking percussion as the vocals plead to “tell me what it takes,” to be your man. “I want you in my bed!” they clamor, asking “why won’t you be my girl?” as the glitzy, confident drive. The girls indeed join for the music video, at its end; there’s a lovably humorous tone to it all, as the the suave and funky precision is met with some indifference. “Pay the Wolf” succeeds as well, providing a twist on the popular fairytale and excelling in the spacious, brass-tinged chorus especially.

“You’re gorgeous, I’m gorgeous,” the confidence continues on “All I Need,” where a heightened vocal pitch rouses during the title-touting chorus. An admittance to mutual nervousness seems alleviated by the feel=good musical accompaniments. “Johnny” concludes the EP with a feverish, bluesy vocal character — moving into a contagious “I need you, Johnny!” call with brassy spurts and soulful vocal harmonizing alike. The I Know Girls EP is a showcase in unphased self-assurance within a hooky, charismatic blend of funk, pop, and soul.

Mike Mineo

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