Anna Salman – ‘This Summer Won’t Last’ EP

This Summer Won’t Last is a consuming new EP from Dallas-based artist Anna Salman, ranging from the spirited synth-pop bounce of “High School” to the emotive introspection of the opening “Not The One,” which stirs in its gentle piano and heartfelt vocals. Described as “a story of catharsis,” the EP succeeds in its emotional lyrical aim, capturing journeys through life and the loss, love, and hope that ensues.

“I realized it’s time to let go, I’m doing it for me this time,” the vocals convey on “Not The One,” which resonates in its depictions of moving on from realizing one may not be the one, after all. “I’d Like To Think” reflectively looks back on a summer “I spent in your arms,” with warm doses of nostalgia apparent in the lyrics, making the sense of heartbreak even more real.

The stirring finale, “Thanks For Not Loving Me,” ruminates that “this summer won’t last,” as a relationship begins to dissolve. This Summer Won’t Last is an impactful showcase in songwriting from Anna Salman, resonating in its depiction of human emotions when confronted with changing relationships.

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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