Army Of Sleep – ‘Metanoia’

A haunting, immersive ambient journey takes hold throughout Metanoia:Aporia, the new two-disc album from Army Of Sleep. Rooted in Newcastle, Australia, the project represents the work of Luke Jon Shearer, whose talents for atmospheric production shows firmly here. The first disc, Metanoia, stirs in its chilly array of synth pads and translucent overall feeling. An ethereal composure consistently engages amidst the soothing, meditative swells of synths.

Metanoia struts a caressing, whirring soundscape befitting of its thematic aims — specifically, an exploration into “the realms of self-discovery and rebirth.” The droning lushness and weightless spaciousness make for a strong sound, leading into the second disc, Aporia, and its darker, contemplative intrigue. Army Of Sleep’s latest album is not to be missed, especially for fans of ambient blissfulness.

“This album is a reflection of life’s myriad emotions,” Shearer explained in a recent interview with Songlens. “I hope it resonates as a truthful exploration of the highs and lows everyone experiences.”

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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