Baby Grendel – ‘Baby Grendel’ EP

The self-titled EP from Portland, OR-based band Baby Grendel stirs with a dynamic stylishness — venturing from the string-laden chamber-folk beauty of “Child’s Howl” to the delectably raucous alt-rocker “Sidewalk.” The project was formed by Jonathan Suarez (Small Town Sci-Fi) and Joe Mengis (Eels, Portugal. The Man), who have been crafting this EP for two years. The aforementioned strings appear delightfully throughout, courtesy of performances by Patti King (The Shins), and Kyle Lockwood (Climber).

Opening track “From the Mud (main)” enthralls in its palpable momentum. “You’re a fucking nuisance, everybody knows it,” scathing vocals project amidst trickling guitars. A more punk-ready vigor takes hold in the conclusion, upping the intensity in fantastic form. “Sidewalk” succeeds in a similar rock-forward realm, while “From the Mud (end)” emphasizes the act’s atmospheric intrigue — embracing a nocturnal, atmospheric sound. Baby Grendel is a captivating eponymous EP from this talented project.

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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