DJ Concept – ‘Ghetto Concepts (Instrumentals)’

A riveting display of hip-hop atmospherics and immersive production, the instrumental version of the Ghetto Concepts LP is a stellar showcase from Long Island-based sound designer DJ Concept. The original LP impresses in featuring the rapping of Ghetto, from acclaimed act ST. Da Squad, and in instrumental form the release is impressive with a unique flair — hypnotizing with its range of soundscapes, from the wintry twinkling of “My Reality” to the blaring brass anthemics within the title track (which sounds like it would fit perfectly on the Madden soundtrack).

The album’s production is especially gripping in its dynamic momentum-building techniques. A more understated charm takes hold on “Drop That Shit,” with lulling harpsichord pulses feeding into sporadic pauses. Elsewhere, “Lips Sealed” weaves a steady rhythmic backbone with glistening piano elegance, capturing a more elegant intrigue compared to the opening one-two punch and heavier percussive shakes of “Round Table.”

The final two tracks prove memorably emotive in their piano emphasis. “Post On The Gram” resembles a Joe Hisaishi score in its magical piano movements, while “Antiproiettile” casts a late-night spell in its simmering subtle buzzing and eerie piano processions. The eight track instrumental offering is available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms via Crisis Center Collective.


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