Evelyn – “I’m A Dog”


A heartfelt track from Evelyn, “I’m A Dog” melds introspective folk and soaring pop twinkling with consuming results. The track marks the first single from the artist’s upcoming full-length album, Someday We Will Eat A Feast of Light, out on July 26th. “I’m a dog, waiting in the cold for you,” the vocals lament, reflective of the track’s thematic approach — “a heart-swelling love song about attachment theory; a Cancer Moon abandonment-wound ballad sponsored by Big Feelings(™).” Wordless vocal melodics and effervescent keys provide a satiating conclusion to this standout success from Evelyn, presently based in the Hudson Valley, NY after growing up in California.

Per the artist:

“The song explores a series of dissonances: the way present reality can be eclipsed by past experience; the way love can feel so sweeping and hopeful while also feeling so mortifyingly vulnerable; the way even the most secure relationship doesn’t cure a predisposition for loneliness—especially if you spend all your time in your own head instead of seeing the connection and care right in front of you.”

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