Fox and Bones – ‘Long Time Honey’

The fourth album from Portland-based folk duo Fox and Bones, Long Time Honey captivates with a dynamic sound that succeeds in both rousing rock heights and stirring introspection. Scott Gilmore and Sarah Vitort front the project, and are joined here by songwriter Greg Holden, who co-wrote all ten tracks on the album, which releases on May 17th.

“All On Red” opens with palpable momentum. Pulsing percussion and chiming piano complements vocal aspirations of another life, shedding stresses and hitting the open road with a beloved. “Doesn’t matter the road we’re on,” the duet stirs. “House By The River” follows with an emotive arsenal, more in the rock vein and reminiscent of The War on Drugs. Understated acoustics and expressive guitar twangs unify with climactic appeal, as Gilmore and Vitort initially alternate lead vocals. Their convergence in the chorus proves replay-inducing in its cohesion and “done enough running,” admittances — pleading to “take me down to the house by the river.”

Long Time Honey continues to consume past this strong one-two punch, showcasing a spirited blend of rock, pop, and folk alongside a thematic drive to start anew, whether via the open road or the “house by the river.” The album’s title track is another vibrant showing; panting percussion and a compelling lead —  referencing a road with limited paths, thematically — combine for infectiously memorable qualities.

“Constellations are the only love I know,” the vocals enamor on another charmer, “Constellations,” which exudes a country-tinged folk arsenal with its bright organs and affecting duet, lamenting they “just don’t know how song this will last,” and valuing the fleeting time we have as a result. “Don’t Do Nothing” is a powerful finale that embraces a soulful quality amidst laments on inaction, gripping in its ethos-like, title-referencing refrain. Long Time Honey is a stellar success from Fox and Bones.

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