Gingger Shankar + Charlotte Qamaniq – “Ever So Lonely/Eyes/Ocean”

A captivating interpretation of Sheila Chandra’s classic track, “Ever So Lonely/Eyes/Ocean comes via violinist Gingger Shankar and Inuit throat-singer Charlotte Qamaniq, who have re-imagined the release into an ode to nature. A beckoning to care for planet Earth coincides with the infusion of an Inuit tale, Sedna, which is conveyed by the gorgeous vocals of Shankar and Qamaniq. Thus, the traditions of South Indian classical vocals and Inuit throat singing meld with enthralling, successful results.

Various vocal layers gradually assemble, as the lead declares “your love is as an ocean,” amidst a meditative droning effect. The mid-point reveals a more soaring vocal affection, while the throat singing elements contribute a gripping, rhythmic feeling. The track continues ample recent successes for both artists; Gingger produced the hit track “Rozi” by Pakistani rapper Eva B., while Qamaniq was featured both on the soundtrack and onscreen for HBO Max’s True Detective: Night Country.

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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