In-Sides – ‘Salvo’ EP

An enthralling EP from Bay Area rockers In-Sides, the Salvo EP caresses with a dreamy rock production — immersing across lush sonic layers and distorted guitar textures alike. The EP’s themes take inspiration from songwriter Stephen Fong’s experiences during the latter stages of lockdowns, when he was grappling with depression and contemplating whether he would perform live again; the feelings conveyed are relatable, and definitively a symptom of the times, following ample emotional and political tumult in recent years. Consequently, the songs are filled with angst and yearning, conveyed with an artful composure within the affecting rock productions.

“Mud” kicks off the EP with a compelling sense of momentum, initially reminiscent of The Stone Roses in its dazed hypnotics — and arising eventually into a grungy wave of distortion and delectably lethargic vocals, more in tune with alt-rock a decade thereafter. Described as “an open letter to narcissists,” “Mud” is a fantastic kick-off. “Step” follows with a more understated rock haze, fondly reminiscent of The Replacements, while second single “Old Soul” stirs in its dynamic range between lush reflections and more bursting rock charisma, alongside explorations of “self-imposed alienation.”

Another highlight, “TV Brain” traverses across a chugging guitar drive and bass-y bounce. Lyrical ruminations continue with a modern poignancy, with “TV Brain” referencing screen addiction and its often ensuing feelings of anxiety, playing like a forced feedback loop. The Salvo EP consistently impresses with its hooky rock swells and emotively relevant lyricism.

Set to release on June 12th, the EP will also coincide with further single releases and shows across the Bay Area.

Mike Mineo

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