My Gravity Girls – ‘Silly’ EP

My Gravity Girls impress with a serenely atmospheric sound on their Silly EP, melding aspects of dreamy pop with nocturnal synth tones and calming vocal layers. The EP is part of a busy 2024 for the project, which will be releasing four separate EPs, Silly, Dizzy, Guilty, Joy. Silly commences the year in enthralling form.

Opening the EP with an understated infectiousness, “Silly” weaves pit-pattering percussion and lush synth flourishes amidst compelling vocal admittances: “I feel better when I lose my mind.” Sporadic vocals and reflective synths make for a riveting mid-point, easing into twinkling synth elements. The subsequent “Crosslines” is an atmospheric gem, reveling in a steady build-up from sleepy synths and conversational vocals into a concluding effervescence. “Looking for signs, we were crosslines,” the vocals let out there, sending chills as one awaits their time to shine.

The tranquil power of “Nike” enthralls in its lyrical references to rest and introspection, aptly sitting within gentle piano caresses into a lounge-friendly percussive warmth. “You’re always on my mind,” the vocals reassure, completing the embracing soundscape. “Loop” concludes the EP with a glimmering synth-pop intrigue, culminating in a rhythmically bustling spiritedness. My Gravity Girls consume with quality songwriting and captivating atmospheric builds throughout their Silly EP.

Mike Mineo

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