Principe Valiente – ‘In This Light’

An album out today from Stockholm-based duo Principe Valiente, In This Light consumes with a darkly melodic range of pop, post-punk, and rock atmospherics. Jimmy Ottosson’s range of instrumentation melds with vocalist Fernando Honorato for a strongly alluring sound.

“Your Only Enemy” presents an intoxicating atmospheric pull in opening the album. Heavenly synth illumination and sporadic rhythmic momentum traverse with ample intrigue. Illuminated guitars complement a powerful vocal presence — “in the morning when you step outside,” — that emits a sense of awakening. The jangling guitars and bright synth flourishes complement a moody vocal captivation, resulting in a compelling success.

The album progresses with consistently theatrical and melodic qualities. “Inspired by Me” asks “will I do everything to reach your heart?” as glistening guitars and somber synth adornments combine; the melancholy of yearning is palpable with a bass-y post-punk nostalgia. “Abandoned Car” is another gorgeous showing, particularly impressing in its late-night atmospheric drive as wordless vocal effects and murky guitars combine seamlessly. In This Light is an album full of immersive mood and memorable songwriting from Principe Valiente.

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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