Brad Walrond – ‘Alien Day’

The full-length debut album out today from NYC-based artist Brad Walrond, Alien Day presents the artist’s spoken-word format within an eclectic range of styles. From the soaring guitars on the rock-inclined “Poetry of America” to the bass-y late-night introspection within “Ashes to Ashes,” Alien Day proves consistently compelling in its aesthetical pursuits. Walrond’s spoken-word precision and gripping lyricism adds further, exploring “the aesthetics of black love and black epistemologies,” and celebrating the the indestructible, impactful nature of “black history, black art, and black desires.”

“Open Cypher” shows an especially commanding sounds, with steady guitar/percussive interplay traversing across consuming vocal performances, which here include Mike Ladd and Jessica Care Moore. The lyrics celebrate black love, resilience, and cultural heritage through a blend of historical and futuristic imagery, embodying a collective Afro-traditional vision. “Rezone our tenement trespass into nano futures / Fit for the global and the subversive,” the vocals let out, emphasizing a transformation into empowered, forward-looking communities.

Another standout, “Dance Make The Body Free” shows an aptly danceable percussive pulse within a late-night electronic intoxication. The lyrics evoke the vivid scene of a woman embodying the essence of black culture and resilience, through captivating dance and music. Debonair vocal qualities and thumping rhythms converge for an immersive effect. Alien Day consistently shows a realm of inventive soundscapes and artful, important lyrical deliveries.

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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