britta raci – ‘striking out’ EP

Out today from britta raci, striking out is the artist’s debut EP, thoroughly succeeding with its hook-filled rock sound. Emo and electronic influences combine within the energetic rock arsenal, complementing a thematic drive that the artist describes as “in honor of all the games this man played with me,” referring to a “horrible cheating ex.” The baseball themes persist enjoyably, with the four tracks spanning from the post-mortem relationship gripes within “baseball bat” to the decisive dreaminess within “third strike.”

“I’m giving you up, I’m letting you go, I’m bashing my brain with a baseball bat,” the vocals admit on the opening “baseball bat,” set amidst lush guitar twangs. “I did not see that coming,” signals a melodic realization of being utterly deceived, leading into the pulsing infectiousness of the “I’m sending you texts” sequence. Commiserations of “losing my common sense” align with a relatable approach to a relationship’s demise, where one questions if it was possible to see it coming, like a meatball being lobbed over the plate.

Named aptly after one of baseball’s most infamous cheaters, “pete rose” exemplifies the artist’s dynamic tonal range. The “face only your mother could love” sharpness is simultaneously scathing and excitably punchy, while the preceding piano-touched lushness channels a palpable momentum. The “if I could face the facts,” refrain consistently furthers themes of second-guessing, apparent in the opener, while also showcasing a self-confidence that firmly places the blame on the other, and rightfully so — “the wrong person,” as highlighted in the brief dream-pop flourishing.

“benchwarmer” evolves from glistening guitar jangles into distortion-friendly vigor, as lyrics use roster terminology — starting and bench players, specifically — within the context of a relationship, where one feels they’re “second to someone else.” The grungy guitar tones approaching the two-minute mark are especially enthralling, driving into a contagious multi-layered vocal sequence reminiscent of Snail Mail. “third strike” concludes the EP with satiating impact, featuring the most synth-friendly production as lyrics express a finality — acknowledging the ex as the “third strike” and accepting a break from love for the time being. striking out is an infectious success from britta raci.

“baseball bat” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Singles’ Spotify playlist.

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