Camille Schmidt – ‘Good Person’ EP

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Camille Schmidt presents a captivating, personal sound on her debut EP, Good Person. Ranging from the beautiful folk minimalism of “Bumblebee Drinks Lavender” to the jangling rock of “Your Game,” the EP proves stirring in its sound and lyrical focus. The impressive release was recorded with producer Phil Weinrobe (Adrianne Lenker, Tomberlin, Florist).

“I can’t play your games when you make the rules,” Schmidt laments on the opening track “Your Game,” which melds prancing guitar jangles and understated acoustics within a dynamic vocal presence. The suave and spirited alternations showcase a palpable, melodic momentum that sets the EP in enjoyable motion. The track’s depictions of self-discovery and renewed confidence prove invigorating. “Red and Blue” follows with a more piano-driven intimacy, featuring lyrics exploring growing older and accepting change. “You don’t wanna do it,” a powerful vocal refrain, refers to aspirational change. Clanging piano and brassy flourishes follow seamlessly; the effort is another example of Schmidt’s tendency for emotional, structurally evolving songwriting.

Resembling a relationship post-mortem and an ensuing fear to love again, “Bumblebee Drinks Lavender” is a gorgeous folk entry. Crisp acoustics and ethereal vocals drive into the central, poetic line: “Bumblebee drinks lavender / A kind of calm I’ll never have.” The imagery evokes a sense of calming simplicity and acceptance of roles, contrasting with the protagonist’s internal turmoil. “Fakeout Ending” and “Wake Up” bring back an escalating rock fervency, while “Bird on a Telephone Wire” reveals a ghostly folk introspection to close out this fantastic EP from Camille Schmidt.

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