Diaphane – “In Your First Mate’s Arms”


A soaring rock sound excels on “In Your First Mate’s Arms,” a recent single from Diaphane fueled by excitable vocal rises and twangy guitar immersion. Aesthetically reminiscent of Christopher Owens, there’s a touch of country charm amidst the lifting-off vocal ascents. The mid-point sees a warming guitar presence envelop as the vocals fade momentarily, re-invigorating into the satiating conclusion. “In Your First Mate’s Arms” is a stirring success, consuming in its lyrical narrative and melodic production.

Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kyle Blessing, who fronts the project, elaborates further on the track:

“Conceived as a “queer-country/shoegaze” song, I wanted to try and make something a little different. The basis was written as a country song, with a story depicting a bi-sexual sailor who is sent to the depths of the sea by his she-witch lover when she learns that he has no plans of returning to her after setting sail on a new voyage. She sends a storm a wreck his ship, and it comes upon him whilst in the arms of his first mate.”

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