Gina Sobel – “Redbud”


A gorgeous production from Gina Sobel, “Redbud” presents a meditative, orchestral-laden sound alongside Sobel’s gripping vocal suaveness. The track’s production is ravishing, with the orchestration calling to mind “My Cherie Amour” at points with its lush entrancement and serene vocal accompaniments. The wordless vocal stream coincides with woodwinds for an especially uplifting sequence, while the piano work and percussive pulses remain enjoyably steady. “Redbud” is a strongly memorable output from Gina Sobel.

Sobel elaborates in detail on the track’s formation and eventual vibe:

“Redbud started as a pandemic morning piano mediation. It was just a little instrumental thing that I couldn’t stop playing. Then the words came; dealing with change, knowing and trusting oneself, and listening to the world around us. I had no idea how it would turn out with the band, and I brought it to the studio as an extra thing that we might get to at the end of the day. We had spent that day chipping away at a song that (in retrospect) wasn’t totally written and taking breaks to hang with the goats on the surrounding farm, eating Mexican food and going for walks. It was a normal, steady day in the studio. Then, we started playing Redbud together and I really don’t know how it happened, but everyone connected and committed to the song and suddenly, we created this epic musical world. My vocals are the original scratch vocals; I didn’t think there was any chance I would capture the electricity and magic that we made together, exploring this song. So Redbud started as a quiet reflection and blossomed into beautiful, collaborative cacophony. It feels a lot like the beginning of spring.”

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