Montresor – ‘Autopoiesis’

An enjoyably intriguing sophomore album from Montresor, Autopoiesis pays homage to a very specific prog-rock niche: the brief yet impactful Rock in Opposition (RIO) movement of the late ’70s. Jazz fusion, prog, and alternative meld with artful appeal throughout the release, which is a notable stylistic departure from 2015 debut Entelechy and its more love-letter rock familiarity. Autopoiesis is consistently engaging, from the brisk jazz-friendly drive of bass, woodwinds, and piano on “Farmland” to the smooth psych-friendly engrossment of “Pyramid.”

The project of Australian guitarist and composer Cameron Pikó, Montresor will have strong appeal to anyone seeking delectably unpredictable prog-rock pursuits. Idiosyncratic rhythm sections, orchestral components, and swift guitar work collide in beautifully, sometimes chaotic, form. The album’s closing title track is another ravishing showcase, immersing with an intertwining of various instrumentation into a thumping bass fascination and frolicking, medieval-like glow; this swell traverses beautifully into the satiating finale, wrapping up the excellent Autopoiesis.

“Vanishing Fog” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Singles’ Spotify playlist.

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