Paper Crowns – “Go Easy”


A pleasant, harmonious blend of pop and rock shows on “Go Easy,” the new single from Canadian act Paper Crowns. “Go easy on me,” the breezy vocal refrain exudes, with backing vocal reflections adding a punchy energy amidst the jangling guitar serenity. The band’s second release, “Go Easy” balances an amiable accessibility in its familiar vocal hooks and fluttering guitars with deeper lyrical meanings, eluding to the tendency for intimate, one-night relationships to dissipate into a stranger-like meeting the next time, whilst emotions still linger. “Go Easy” is a memorable success from Paper Crowns.

They elaborate further on the track:

“This is a pretty light-hearted summer song, but the lyrics introduce undertones of a greater message regarding relationships in the modern age. Many of us can think of experiences where we’ve been given an intimate experience for merely a night and then proceed to act as strangers the next time we see that person. It can be a rather draining experience, and this song serves as a sort of lament to that notion: that as we move into the golden days of summer, let’s take it easy on each other and try to develop something truly intimate rather than using each other for our bodies for a singular night, never to see each other again.”

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