Shadow Gordon – ‘A Happy Ending For Orpheus’

Artwork by @maxmaxmaximilian

Touting a melodic and atmospheric synth-pop sound, A Happy Ending For Orpheus is a compelling new release from Shadow Gordon, succeeding in its conceptual aim to re-imagine the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. This release follows a series of ambient EPs and singles from the Los Angeles-based artist, whose new foray into vocal-laden synth-pop captivates thoroughly here.

Shadow Gordon shows a tendency for intriguing structural momentum throughout, evident early with “Stranger Bloom.” Serene, popping synth tones exude a spacey enigma as a glistening arpeggio lingers beneath. A calming vocal presence enters thereafter, proclaiming, “It’s starting to bloom,” with starry-eyed temptations: “Come dream with me.” The subsequent “Everything We Ever Wanted” is another standout, featuring a more immediate vocal infusion and effervescent bounciness. The tonal range on the album, from nocturnal hypnotics to perky infectiousness, adds to the enjoyable listening experience.

Another highlight, “Song for Eurydice,” presents a simmering synth-forward development that aligns beautifully with the album’s thematic focus. “I lost my heart when I lost you. Now I found you, I’ll never let you go,” the vocals convey within reflective synths, mirroring the never-ending love and journey to reuniting found in the classic legend of Orpheus and Eurydice. “Ascend Together” concludes the album with a seemingly audible representation of finality, depicting two lovers reuniting and achieving a blissful afterlife, set alongside lush yet triumphant pulsations. A Happy Ending For Orpheus is a moving, memorable album from Shadow Gordon.

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