Streetwise – ‘Appetite for Unity’ EP

An upcoming EP from Streetwise, Appetite for Unity is an impressive display of songwriting and guitar work from Brooklyn-born artist Raymond Castronovo. A stirring sound is presented, from the ardent rock pulse of “On My Own” to the electro-friendly vibes of “What’s Wrong With The Human Race.” The EP represents the third EP and fourth overall release for Castronovo under the Streetwise name. Appetite for Unity releases on June 14th.

“Estella” kicks off the EP with warming salutations, exuding a character with a “smile and a sweet embrace.” A doo-wop nostalgia is apparent in the reflective vocal harmonies, as stately piano and twangy guitars complement the melodic vocal layers. An homage to the artist’s first granddaughter, “Estella” is a fantastic opener. “On My Own” follows with a more stomping, bluesy intrigue. Sweltering organs and a commanding vocal refrain — “out there on my own,” — assemble with invigorating immersion. An enthralling guitar solo takes hold past the two-minute mark, furthering the bluesy charisma alongside the bright organs. Appetite for Unity kicks off with a very strong one-two punch.

The quality songwriting continues from there. “I wanna take you home with me,” the vocals admit on “The Way It’s Supposed To,” complemented by playful guitars, chipper organs, and dual-vocal power. The EP is full of fantastic guitar solos, and this track is no exception; the mid-point again marks the arrival of exceptional guitar playing from Castronovo.

An enjoyably synth-forward direction stirs on the subsequent “What’s Wrong With The Human Race,” presenting a starry-eyed range of illuminated synths with sporadic doses of guitar. The rock-friendly familiarity of “New Beginnings” is a rollicking finale with a cathartic perspective of breaking free from toxicity, cementing Appetite for Unity as an EP that doesn’t let up in its memorable songwriting.

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