Sue Sandal – “Drown the Rabbit”


An introspective single with alt-country and dreamy rock allure, “Drown the Rabbit” is a new single from Sue Sandal, the solo project of Detroit-based singer/songwriter Jack Thomas. Warming guitar tones and laid-back vocals arrive into a more fervent title-touting sequence; the shifts between the nighttime-set serene contemplation and flashes of rock vigor maintain a consuming momentum throughout. Lyrically, insight on parent/children relationships — and the loss of innocence inherent when a child views their parent as “a real person” beyond their parental role — is delivered with artful, relatable tactfulness. “Drown the Rabbit” is a resonating success.

Thomas elaborates on the track’s themes:

“The song is sort of an allegory for how a parent’s pain/sorrow is internalized by their children (who I depict metaphorically as plants or flowers; I never really say what they are directly) and then can sort of come up in weird and confusing ways as the child ages. The rabbit “drowning” is essentially the death of innocence when one begins to see their parent as a real person and not just a parent.”

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