Wavewulf – “Unbreakable Soul” (ft. Nala Spark)


An evolving pop success heralding the power of perseverance, “Unbreakable Soul” is a resonating single from Wavewulf. Nala Spark’s magnetic vocals add wonderfully to the mix, making for an aesthetical savvy reminiscent of Little Dragon — especially in the “patterns,” escalation, which struts a lush engrossment in its bubbly synths and nostalgic guitar glimpses. Wavewulf, the project of Nicholas Long, impresses here with a balanced array of spirited pop vigor and dreamy introspection, concluding with a hypnotic title-touting refrain.

Long elaborates on the release:

“My new single “Unbreakable Soul” is about a person going through life, encountering struggles, persevering, pulling wisdom from others and within, and coming out stronger. It is the title track from my new album due out this fall, which has the Soul and it’s transcendence as the primary theme. My analog synth-driven music and production is an exploration of both individuality and connection with others. In that spirit, I have collected talented singers from all over the world to create a diverse and eclectic listening experience. The lead singer features Polish singer Naya Spark.”

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Singles’ Spotify playlist.

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