Ann Frances – “No One Wants You (You’ve Slept With Too Many Men)”


Chicago-based singer/songwriter Ann Frances delivers a visceral rock sound on “No One Wants You (You’ve Slept With Too Many Men),” a single that speaks to “the double standard concerning women who love sex,” per Frances. “No one wants you, you’re just a dirty old rag,” she sings amidst distorted guitar tones, following satirical bites at society’s sexist view of promiscuity. “I’d screw twice as many men,” the vocals admit, if getting the chance to go back — seemingly touching on society’s pressures, and their influence on decision-making, and potentially missing out on some quality relationships as a result.

The track is a compelling success from Ann Frances, who also succeeds with two recent releases in “One Winged Butterfly Girl” and “Believe Me.” The former is a rollicking rock stomper, yearning for everyone to “listen to me,” into a fervent, timeless-sounding rock arsenal. “Believe Me” consumes in its distorted guitar spurts and alt-rock ferocity, inducing a nostalgic pull reminiscent of Liz Phair. These batch of new songs are fully indicative of Ann Frances’ songwriting talents.

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