Atlanta-based artist and multi-instrumentalist Cailin Pitt melds pop, post-punk, and rock with melodic sophistication on his sophomore album, I SEE YOU IN EVERYTHING, out on August 23rd. Love’s journey is thematically represented with artful precision — from falling in love, to a state of blissful infatuation, and then falling out of love. The album impresses in its range of quality songwriting and atmospheric engrossment, from the moody haze of opening “Big City Boys” to the peppier new-wave nostalgia of “The Way You’re Walking.”

“Big City Boys” precedes the album as a single release on July 19th; it can be pre-saved on Pitt’s website. Clanging guitars and murky bass pair with brooding vocal momentum, resulting in a sound fondly reminiscent of Yves Tumor. A hypnotic guitar addition at mid-point injects a sense of ’90s alt-rock nostalgia, and then traverses into the jangly charm of “Elevator Music,” which pleads for honesty amidst its vocal layers and twanging guitar work; the opening one-two punch sets I SEE YOU IN EVERYTHING in beautiful motion.

In a more contemplative realm, “Wednesday” drives on ruminating post-punk bass warmness and somber vocal recollections — running through the days of the week, and asking if the smitten feelings are mutual. A wall of guitars captivate as the two-minute turn approaches. “Whatever, Forever” also succeeds in a more nocturnal post-punk realm, as sporadic vocals intertwine beautifully with a crawling bass envelopment. “Haha” concludes the album with satiating immersion, exuding a reflective ethos with shades of Interpol and Psychedelic Furs in its enjoyably angular rock sound; the “do you see what you’ve done?” refrain is especially impactful. I SEE YOU IN EVERYTHING is a firmly captivating album from Cailin Pitt, succeeding in its account of love within a stirring rock, pop, and post-punk arsenal.

Mike Mineo

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