JSDavani – ‘The Melancholiac II’

An ambitious new album from JSDavani, The Melancholic II is abundant in gripping soundscapes — reflective of wide-ranging human emotions, and specifically the impact of depression. Intriguing synth-led productions combine with ghostly vocals for a consistently impactful resonance. Davani is a prolific artist, with six separate experimental music projects emerging in the past year — touting five hours of new music combined, and this continues that stream of success. Supreet Singh also adds vocals on two tracks, in addition to writing the poem/lyrics featured on “The Bottom :escape extinction.”

Davani’s own struggles and triumphs are audibly chronicled within the album’s dense production, split into various thematic parts. Tracks 1-7 explores various stages of depression, which Davani experienced throughout the recording process. Through heavy soundscapes and ardent lyrical prowess, Davani captures the suffocating grip of a somber mental psyche. The result is introspectively gripping. The directly titled “Antisocial behavior” crafts a nocturnal soundscape via enigmatic synths, swelling into a spacious intrigue, which feels representative of barren loneliness. “Feeling the Same” follows with reflections of apathy, as clanging piano and chilly synths intertwine with sullen vocal layers.

As the album progresses, tracks 8-10 shift ruminate on the euphoric escape provided by substances, depicting the initial allure and subsequent disillusionment. Within an effervescent tonal rise,  “This isn’t gonna end :.. well” serves as a stark warning about the dangers of addiction, a theme echoed on the subsequent “The Melancholic,” which marks the onset of guilt and regret. Tracks 13 to 15 vividly portray the drug experience, with “Falling Asleep/Nodding Off” enveloping listeners in a hypnotic degree of sound. The turning point comes with “WAKING UP :the sky with laughter,” symbolizing the realization of the need for change. The final tracks reflect on the arduous journey of recovery, capturing the cyclic nature of addiction and the daily struggle for sobriety.

The album’s production, entirely handled by Davani, exudes a compelling, personal immersion. A meticulous attention to detail is evident in the complex soundscapes and emotive lyrical displays. Each track is a journey, carefully crafted to evoke specific emotions and narratives, commonly felt throughout the human experience. While the album is reflective of Davani’s own personal emotions, the themes of depression and ensuing resilience have universal relatability.

“WAKING UP :the sky with laughter” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Singles’ Spotify playlist.

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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