Miss Freddye – “Slippin’ Away”


A bluesy, soulful balladry consumes on “Slippin’ Away,” a recent track from Pittsburgh-based artist Miss Freddye. Written by the late Mike Lyzeng, “Slippin’ Away” features Miss Freddye’s gripping vocal performance amidst a range of evolving piano, solemn organs, and steady rhythms. The talented cast of musicians on the release include Mike Huston on guitar, Jeff Conner on keys, Greg Sejko on bass, and Bob Dicola on drums. The track serves as a lovely homage to Lyzeng’s songwriting, in addition to showcasing Miss Freddye’s standout vocals.

Solemn keys open “Slippin’ Away” with a haunting intrigue. Their bouncier charisma assembles into pit-pattering percussive flair, as soulful vocals admit: “I don’t know, where we’re going.” A warming organ complements the foreboding drive into “the nightmare coming back for more,” acknowledgement, furthering the sense of heartbreak and drifting apart. The lyrics feel suggestive of coming to terms with a dissolving relationship, yearning for yesterday, though also recognizing an importance in the future — asking “do you feel our love slipping away?” with sincerity. “Slippin’ Away” is a moving, impactful success from Miss Freddye.

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We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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