Sam Setton – “TLV” + “8 Years New Tears”


NYC-based singer/songwriter Sam Setton enthralls with soulful pop emotion across his new album 8 Years New Tears. The title track and “TLV” make a strong one-two punch to commence the album, beginning with “8 Years New Tears” and his hazy guitar strums. Setton’s introspective vocals admit they “finally thought I figured it out,” moving lushly within a swirl of dreamy guitars. The lyrics track an eight-year period of personal growth and self-discovery, ultimately emphasizing the importance of living in the present within life’s unpredictable chaos.

The gorgeous “TLV” intoxicates in its “never wanna leave Tel Aviv,” hook, moving from electro-pop intrigue into plucky instrumentation and hypnotic mystique. The track is Setton’s love letter to Tel Aviv, a city he feels a deep connection to, and is further exemplary of his knack for intimately inviting songwriting — from life’s journeys, to a place one desires to call home permanently.

Stream these two tracks, and the rest of the album:

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