Tatum Gale – “Your Day” + “Chickadee Eye”


Singer/songwriter and producer Tatum Gale showcases a versatile, compelling range on two recent tracks; “Chickadee Eye” presents a chilling piano-set balladry, while “Your Day” moves with a brisker, rhythmically infectious engrossment — while still maintaining a chilled-out composure. “Your Day” is the more recent of the two, releasing last week. The “’til the cold morning comes,” vocal momentum compels into wordless effects and conversational vocal snippets, providing ample intrigue into the “tell me a secret,” temptations.

Released a bit over a month ago, “Chickadee Eye” represented Gale’s first solo single in almost two years; it’s also the name of Gale’s upcoming EP, due to release this autumn. Gentle pianos adorn vocals admitting there being no “easy answer,” or “right time,” — moving with delicate precision in its admissions of hesitancy, and stirring into a call for unity and reconciliation: “What do you spy, my angel? / Chickadee eye / What do spot outside? / I’ll try to come outside.” The gorgeous vocal work and piano lead combine for a strongly memorable success. These two successes have us firmly anticipating the upcoming EP.

These and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Singles’ Spotify playlist.

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