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Michael P Cullen – “Do You Believe”

April 11, 2018
“Do You Believe” is the newest single from Michael P Cullen, previously impressing with his strong baritone and atmospheric tendencies – reminiscent of Australian legends The Church, as well as Depeche Mode and Nick Cave – on previously featured tracks like “Nothing Special...

Michael P Cullen – “Black Dog”

May 3, 2017
We have featured Michael Cullen several times in the past, with past tracks like “Cha Cha Cha D’Amour” showcasing a strong baritone and deep atmospheric tendencies that produce an emotional, hook-laden rock sound reminiscent of Aussie greats The Church. Also a native of Australia, Cullen again impresses on...

Michael Cullen – “Believer”

June 19, 2017
With a sound that reminds very fondly of The Church’s psych-friendly jangle-rock, Michael Cullen’s numerously featured tracks have drawn a positive response, with several of those posts noting his standout live persona. This live rendition of “Believer”, featuring the Soul Searchers...

Michael Cullen – “Cha Cha Cha D’Amour”

August 19, 2015
I’ve featured veteran Australian singer-songwriter Michael Cullen in the past, specifically the tracks “Nothing Special” and “Do You Believe?“. Both were fine representations of what makes Cullen’s music so appealing; his strong baritone and deep atmospheric tendencies r...

Michael Cullen – “Nothing Special”

October 21, 2014
Veteran singer-songwriter Michael Cullen was featured back in March with his excellent track “Do You Believe?“, whose strategic meshing of synth-pop and ’80s-flaired alternative reminded me fondly of both Depeche Mode and Talking Heads. That cut was off his album Love Transmitter, release...

Michael Cullen – “Do You Believe?”

March 4, 2014
Australian singer-songwriter Michael Cullen has been producing atmospheric rock tunes since the early ’90s, when he formed rock three-piece The Hardheads and released an acclaimed EP, The Long Goodbye, in 1993.  After The Hardheards became Watershed shortly thereafter, they followed up that EP with t...