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The Veils – Sun Gangs (2009)

The expectations placed upon the son or daughter of a musician can be influential, if not detrimental, toward their own perception of the art in general. When a parent has achieved their success through music, it seems only nat...

Ill Lillies’ Debut Is Their Greatest Hits

The three members in Ill Lillies appear to be quite fond of tongue twisters. Go ahead and try to say the name of their band quickly, five times in a row. Yeah, be sure not to get too “ill”. Oh man, I apologize. That...


Best Albums of 2006: #10 to #01

———————————————————————————————- 10. Jarv...

ALBUM PREVIEW: The Veils – Nux Vomica

It must be interesting to grow up as the son of an extremely accomplished musician. While it would be a fantastic environment for exposure to art and music, it could also prove to be exhausting and tiring. Finn Andrews is the s...