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Mirah’s Latest Theme… Bugs?

Concept albums have been a standard in music debate for decades. Whether such an attempt equates to an artistic failure or success is often dependent on the artist itself and their general grasp on the theme at hand. By followi...

Roger Joseph Manning Jr. goes solo

After over twenty years working with dozens of successful bands such as Jellyfish to Beck, Roger Joseph Manning Jr. is finally releasing his first solo album. Manning made his first mark with Jellyfish in the early 90s, who wer...



Amazon is having a pretty good sale on indie music, with some fantastic albums priced below $8. Check it out here. Don’t do this while under the influence. Hail to Ozzie Guillen for making baseball seem like a reality sho...

REVIEW: Marc Bolan & T-Rex – Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow (1974)

Dan takes a look back on Bolan’s classic album from 1974.