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Luxembourg – Pin Me Down


Luxembourg is one of those bands that when you hear them, you figure they’ve already hit it big. And by big, I’m talking in the same fame as bands such as Franz Ferdinand or The Strokes. I was surprised to find that though they had a very dedicated fanbase, Luxembourg’s popularity was surprisingly somewhat low. Luxembourg’s diverse collection can range from electro to straight out art-rock tracks, and the song I chose, ‘Pin Me Down’ combines both. I have three more songs below of great caliber, available for mp3 download. I would recommend you to buy their b-side and rarities collection, Best Kept Secret. The name of theᅡᅠalbum actually describes them quite well.ᅡᅠActually, this band probably just needs time, because after all, they have yet to release a first true full-length.
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Josh Rouse – Quiet Town


Like Sufjan Stevens, Josh Rouse seems to have a place in his heart for his every location he’s spent a significant amount of time in. They are also both great songwriters, with Sufjan breaking out to a more widespread audience last year. In his previous albums, heᅡᅠwrote about such American cities such as Nashville and Georgia, but now he has gone a bit more exotic, with several songs off his new album Subtitulo focusing on Spain. After spending time in Spain, Rouse truly has an admiring retrospective on the country. That being said though, he still does not stray too far off his western routes, with his new single ‘Quiet Town’ not sounding too different from his previous material. Though the beginning is reminiscent of several songs (Suede’s ‘Lonely Girls’), it eventually unfolds into a completely original stunner. Maybe it’s the strings during the chorus, or the whistling and strings corresponding, but whatever it is, he sure has a winner.
Video: Quiet Town

Crystal Skulls – Baby Boy


Seattle-based band Crystal Skulls have quite the genuine sound. While they most likely could blend in well with any time period since the 70s, they fit in with modern bands such as Belle & Sebastian and Spoon just as well. ‘The Cosmic Door’ is destined to be the song garnering the most attention off of their new album, Outgoing Behavior, ‘Baby Boy’ may have the largest radio appeal. The two songs below, off ofᅡᅠtheir 2005ᅡᅠdebut album, Blocked Numbers, are also very enjoyable. While Crystal Skulls career is still young, their sound is superb.
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