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REVIEW: The Go! Team – Proof of Youth

Cheerleader chants, infectious hip-hop, and irresistible dance-pop? Sounds like something that The Go! Team can handle with ease. As it turns out, their second album is more than a little proof of such energetic dexterity. Even...

Ancient Free Gardeners: Another From Down Under

Universally analogous musical tastes appear to be growing stronger by the minute. Even though this site is based in the United States, I receive the majority of submitted albums from other countries all over the world; somethin...


REVIEW: Shiina Ringo – Heisei Fuzoku

It’s hard to judge an album without basing it on the context of the artist’s career. After Shiina Ringo put out her “last” album, Karuki Zaamen Kuri no Hana (translated: Kalk, Semen, Chestnut Flower), or...

Émilie Simon: Bells and Beats

If there’s one thing that I know about pop music in America, it’s that the more well crafted something is, the less likely it is to become successful. After all, albums sell better when they are aimed at the short attention...


K-OS: Intelligent Hip Hop

When the words “rock” and “rap” are both used to describe the same music, it’s easy to assume it’s just some trash. I mean, let’s be honest here, the late 90’s nu-metal explosion ...

Thoughts on Outkast’s Idlewild

Many hardcore rap fans would say that 2006 has been a horrible year for Hip-Hop. In terms of classic, cohesive Hip-Hop albums, fans have gotten so desperate as to call any Rap album that drops a “classic”. Despite all of th...



“Iron Hero, a rhythmic Athens dream-pop six piece (two drummers!) will self-release its debut album, Safe As Houses, on July 25, 2006! Engineered by Andy Baker (The Glands, Jucifer) and produced by Josh McKay of Macha fam...

REVIEW: Marc Bolan & T-Rex – Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow (1974)

Dan takes a look back on Bolan’s classic album from 1974.



I take a look at The Starlight Mint’s third album as they craft their finest album on their Barsuk debut.

Brad Weber (Winter Equinox)

I spoke to the multi-talented Brad Weber of Winter Equinox, Solitary Extraction, and The Royal School Series as he told me about his influences, careers, future and more.