The Charlatans – City Of The Dead


The Charlatans are a British band that formed seventeen years ago, reaching their peak in the mid-90s, during the Brit-pop movement. They utilized this to become one of the more successful bands of the time. Most of the time, they release a new album every two years and since their last release came in 2004 (Up At The Lake) it’s time for their new album, Simpatico. ‘City Of The Dead’ comes off of that, promoting a reggae-ish feel with their common great use of organs. The sound is very similar to their previous album, which had such gems such as ‘Cry Yourself To Sleep’ and ‘Bona Fide Treasure’. Lately, as they reach their later career, most songs seem to be on a hit-or-miss basis, but ‘City Of The Dead’ is certainly a hit.

Video: Dead Man’s Eye (demo)

Pulp – Your Sister’s Clothes


There’s probably a good chance you’ve heard of Pulp. They are considered one of the most successful bands of the nineties. Another band using Brit-pop at it’s finest. While Blur and Oasis used glamour and rivalry to earn their keepsake, Pulp made consistant outstanding material, which is why they are, personally, my favorite band of the 1990s. Believe it or not, they have officially been around for twenty eight years! Before you think of the band as old guys trying to be hip, frontman and lyrical guru Jarvis Cocker fronted the band when he was fifteen and he is barely over forty. Cocker’s presence and prowess make his voice and music incredibly unique. ‘Your Sister’s Clothes’ is actually a b-side, but Pulp is one of those bands with a great collection of b-sides, many deserving of an a-side. Cocker is widely known for his sexually-oriented lyrics, and ‘Your Sister’s Clothes’ is no exception. If you are one of the few who have not yet heard Pulp, I strongly encourage you to.

Video: Bad Cover Version

Asobi Seksu – I’m Happy But You Don’t Like Me


A very likable sounding band from New York. The main factor in their difference is frontwoman Yuki Chikudate, who will sometimes sing in Japanese and then sometimes in English. Asobi Seksu would mean ‘play sex’ in Japanese, by the way. Though not displayed in this song, they are often used in the same sentence as legendary My Bloody Valentine. The song featured here does not exactly show off this, but the songs below do. Their sophomore album, Citrus, is said to be of a much more shoegaze perspective than their self-titled debut. ‘I’m Happy But You Don’t Like Me’ is the title track on their debut. An interesting and enjoyable band.

Also: Sooner, Walk On The Moon, Let Them Wait

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  1. I feel like should already know about this band, but I confess they’re new to me and I’m really enjoying these tracks. Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. the charlatans are nice also pulp, in your blog, you post ten silver drops from the secret machines, if you like them then go to my blog and downloa the session i record from a radio station, maybe you would enjoy it.

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