Apparently, the marketing of Brokeback Mountain wasn’t enough for Ang Lee, so he plans on making a new movie about lesbians, starring none other than Pete Doherty’s (The Libertines, Babyshambles) ex, Kate Moss. (source)


It’s finally been confirmed that Radiohead is going to include the song ‘Nude’ on their upcoming untitled album. The song has been around since OK Computer’s release and played live several times, but nothing was ever really done with it. We’ll see how it turns out. (source)


Apple continues to dominate any form of media they can get their hands on. Along with music, tv shows, and movies, they are now starting to offer audio novels through iTunes. I personally never found it enjoyable to read an audio book, but I’ve known those who have. The sales should be interesting. (source)


The SXSW Blog is offering two very cool torrents. One consists of 713 MP3s of band material,while the other consists of 83 trailers. The promotion for this year seems to be top notch. Download the torrents below:

713 MP3s – Release 1 (2.5GB) (download)
83 Trailers – Release 1 (667MB) (download)

For the few who haven’t seen, click here to check out all the bands performing plus a large amount of music samples.

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