Track A Tiger – Glad To Be Scattered


Track A Tiger is a five-piece from Chicago, who are one of the few bands still churning out some good lo-fi. ‘Glad To Be Scattered’ has fantastic male-female harmonizing, which seems to be customary in good lo-fi songs like this. Their first album, Woke Up Early The Day I Died, combines many sounds including keyboards, guitars, banjo, cello, drums, and other assorted sounds. Their web site describes their sound as, “Moody. Lots of male-female harmonies. A little rock, but mostly slow, sad, sleepy late nights.” Sounds good to me. A link to purchase is below, along with their myspace to hear three other songs.

Also: MySpace , Web Site



Frog Eyes – The Oscillator’s Hum


Recieving good input on Spencer Krug’s solo outfit, Sunset Rubdown, I decided to post a track from his another project he is involved in, Frog Eyes. Several of you probably already know them, as their album in 2004, The Folded Palm, recieved a big amount of good press. Though he does not contribute to the vocals in ‘The Oscillator’s Hum’, vocalist Carey Mercer has a very similar and unqiue style that stands as one of Frog Eyes’ trademarks. Like Wolf Parade, keys and catchy hooks are signature and memorable. Definitely check them out if you haven’t already.



Winter Equinox – The Queue


Winter Equinox is a very busy-sounding instrumental quartet. The Ontario-based band cites influences from such acts as Tortoise, Mogwai, Sigur Ros, EITS, and M83, and their influences are clearly represented. The four musicians have been best friends for years, and their experimentation with various structures of music and instruments are very fulfilling. Their first album, Safe And Sound, is eight songs mostly of each going over six minutes. Flutes, keyboards, guitars, and bass are utilized well and it’s customary for each of the songs to rapidly increase tones as they progress. ‘The Queue’ is one of the album’s highlights.

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