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Contary to what the picture above may appear to be, Johnny Lloyd Rollins is a current young songwriter and not some lost artist from the 60s. The black and white quality suits him very well though, as his songs’ influences certainly can trace back to that time. His vocals in several of his songs (‘Let’s Be Poor Together’) are shockingly similar to those of Paul McCartney, which is certainly a compliment. Rollins’ customary folk songs provide a simple structure with catchy lyrics, as he states his goal is “to bring back to music what matters most… a simple song.” I recommend all four of his tracks available on his MySpace, particulary ‘Miss Sugar Pie’ for its great raw factor and finesse. His first album, Let’s Be Poor Together, is available for purchase on his MySpace.

Johnny Lloyd Rollins – Let’s Be Poor Together



Johnny Lloyd Rollins – Miss Sugar Pie




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