The picture above is generally the most accurate picture I could find of World’s End Girlfriend, as their history and appearance tend to be as mysterious as their music. World’s End Girlfriend is primarily the alias for Katsuhiko Maeda, an undeniable musical genius. The Japanese native has been making music since he was 10 years old, having compiled over 600 tracks of almost every genre imaginable by the time he was 20. He gathered several other musicians and World’s End Girlfriend was born. Their first album, ‘Ending Story’ was sprawling and its ingenuity caught many people’s attention in Japan and around the world. They released an album in 2005 called The Tie Lay Land, and it was in my Top 10 for last year. It’s simply stunning with epic track after epic track.

So, what do they sound like? You probably haven’t heard much like it. Combining components of experimental, instrumental, and progressive rock, the melodys that Maeda creates are at most times, unforgettable. Maeda tends to not stray in one place too long, often transitioning in several parts in an individual song. Another unique thing about World’s End Girlfriend and their new album in particular, is the children’s voice samples that they extract from films and other sources of media. This creates a truly chilling effect when overlapped with World’s End Girlfriend’s numerous amount of varying instruments, which all provide a great degree of musicianship. ‘We Are The Massacre’ is their most accessible song on the album, reaching almost a mere six minutes. Six minutes is short for a World’s End Girlfriend song, as the other two songs I posted are over ten and twelve minutes, respectively.  ‘We Are The Massacre’ has some hauntingly great string work going on, and ‘Give Me Shadow, Put On My Crown’ really executes the voice samples quite brilliantly. ‘Scorpius Circus’ is appropriately named, with a slight circus theme heading into the midpoint of the song. If you give these long (but great) songs a chance and if you are a fan of popular bands such as Mogwai or EITS, I can almost guarantee that you’ll find World’s End Girlfriend rewarding, as it seems with them, that the longer the song – the more stunning it is.


World’s End Girlfriend – We Are The Massacre



World’s End Girlfriend – Scorpius Circus



World’s End Girlfriend – Give Me Shadow, Put On My Crown



Official Web Site (english)

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  1. I’m one of the recent fans of World’s End Girlfriend music. Currently I’ve been hunting down information about who actually WEG, WEG’s albums and mp3. Honestly, I’m so thankful that I’ve found your blog. It opens me to another door of their world.

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