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Junior Boys are already known by a majority of the indie fanbase, but to prepare for their new album, So This Is Goodbye, which is releasing in August, I decided to post a couple of tracks to expose them even more so for those who have not actually heard their music. They formed in 1999 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada originally consisting of Jeremy Greenspan and Johnny Dark. After Dark left the band because of the band getting many label rejection, Greenspan went on hiatus for a year but when he started writing again, he attracted attention of labels and teamed up with his engineer, Matt Didemus. Their debut, Last Exit, was released on Domino Records to critical acclaim.

The songs below are my three favorite songs from Last Exit. All songs have a mellow feel to them despite the frantic percussion, keyboards, and occasional synths. The vocals are all fitting and appropriate in a smooth and soft presentation. ‘Teach Me How To Fight’ is my favorite and is an overall outstanding song. Though not as immediately recognizable or catchy as their bigger hits, ‘Birthday’ and ‘High Come Down’, the lyrical focus and general musical composition are very pleasing. All three songs are highly recommended, along with the album. I am anticipating So This Is Goodbye greatly.


Junior Boys – Teach Me How To Fight



Junior Boys – Birthday



Junior Boys – High Come Down



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