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Caribou – Swim (2010)

Dan Snaith's newest album, Swim, strives for a versatile type of dance music. While different than his usual offerings, Swim is a fascinating success regardless.

Washed Out of a Psychedelic Haze

If stoner-rock is defined by slowly presented guitar riffs grounded in heavy doses of reverb and downtuned effects, then where does electronic music with a similar aim sit? Any genre that is reflective of the carefree and seren...


Junior Boys – Begone Dull Care (2009)

Even if the term sounds overly cliché, “late night music” may in fact be the best – and most common -classification for Junior Boys. One may begin to wonder how a style that reflects a specific period of time could overwhelm ac...

00 The Rabbit

The oddly titled 00 The Rabbit (Double Zero: The Rabbit) is the musical project of Russell Brooks, a native of Morgantown, Kentucky who was formerly the guitarist and singer for Cheap Fireworks. Even in the sense that his music...


Best Albums of 2006: #10 to #01

———————————————————————————————- 10. Jarv...

ALBUM PREVIEW: Junior Boys – So This Is Goodbye

The Junior Boys are one of those bands with such a unique sound, it is quite hard to compare them to others. The duo of Jeremy Greenspan and Matt Didemus combine lush electronica with soothing vocals and fascinating lyrics. The...



Junior Boys are already known by a majority of the indie fanbase, but to prepare for their new album, So This Is Goodbye, which is releasing in August, I decided to post a couple of tracks to expose them even more so for those ...