If only American radio knew that pop music could be real music. It seems that any good pop in America takes second seat to the likes of boy bands and Madonna, even in the post boy-band era, certainly long after the Madonna-era. This does not seem to hold true in most other countries, certainly not in France. The amount of time’s I’ve shaken my booty to Daft Punks Discovery is definitely in the millions by now. Right next to Daft Punk in the “Great pop music you don’t need to look hard for (French edition)” is Camille. Her cute voice is hardly enough to make you think she knows what she’s doing, but the first few songs from Le Sac de Fil prove otherwise. Whether you are a teeny bopper or an indie-rocker, these songs are pretty. Her first album melds pop and traditional French music together effortlessly. Her second album, Le Fil, was more daring with a tone that persisted throughout the album and wacky Bjork-esque acapella (even some mouth farting….for lack of a better word). If this music doesn’t put you in the mood for lovin’ or at least the mood for relaxing and smiling, I can’t imagine what would. And I hear if you search real hard, you can find her covering The Guns of Brixton with “Nouvelle Vague”, a bossa nova cover band.


Camille – Paris



Camille – Au Port




Nouvelles vagues


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  1. US release date, June 6. Live record will be released via Itunes. She will also be doing a small solo tour, SF, LA, DC and NY (maybe more).

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